ISOE Activities
Steering Group Meetings
The Steering Group Meeting is held once a year and respective technical centers participate as advisors. The meeting consists of regulatory agencies and representatives (national coordinators) of electric power companies of respective participating countries, and makes decisions on such matters as the year-round schedule, terms and conditions, budgets, etc. Moreover, the participating countries make national reports.
Annual Reports
An gAnnual Report,h which describes ISOE programs, is published annually by OECD NEA and distributed free of charge. It includes the current registration of participation in ISOE, summary of occupational dose studies, trends and feedback, activities of working groups under ISOE, reports of ALARA workshops and symposia held in the year, and national reports of the year. It can be downloaded from the OECD/NEA website. (Click here)
The Asian Technical Center participates in the Steering Meeting held once a year as an advisor. It also hosts a regional symposium every year (an international symposium every 4th year) and participates in international symposia and workshops hosted by other technical centers. The information acquired on these occasions is utilized together with ISOE databases for the analysis of exposure information of respective countries. Moreover, it collects data on nuclear power stations in Japan and Korea, and publishes the latest information in Japan as information sheets.
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